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Qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Enthusiast, Model, Tv- Presenter, MC and voice-over artist, spreading nothing but feel good vibes

Why did you choose GNC as your exclusive supplement partner?

I feel that the brands image perfectly aligns with me as an individual and the product quality is top notch. Plus the peeps at GNC are just awesome!


What do you do to stay healthy in general?

I like to challenge my physicality whether it is transforming my body to partaking in adventure races or Biathlons, lately I have developed a passion for boxing and have two fights under my belt, so all in all I keep pretty active.


How much time do you spend training each day?

Being a TV personality on Expresso Morning show is rather demanding, but I try to at least get 1 to 1.5 hour in a day 5-6 times a week


What according to you are the biggest challenges in your line of work / sport?

To navigate my love for training and fitness around my crazy hours and little sleep, I do have two kids as well which ads some fun and games!


How do you prepare for an event/job/commitment?

In whatever I undertake to do, I  always make sure that I give my all and that I am prepared to the best of my abilities, 110%, nothing less


How do you handle the pressure of being the spotlight?

To me doing what I do is just a job like no other, I am a very down to earth dude and not too phased about the spotlight, but what does help is that I am able to very easily able to get along with anyone!